Vortex trend indicator

Vortex trend indicator

  vortex trend indicator developed by etienne botes and douglas siepman, the vortex indicator consists of two oscillators that capture positive and negative trend movement.

  a vortex indicator (vi) is an indicator composed of two lines - an uptrend line (vi) and a downtrend line (vi-). These lines are typically colored green and red respectively.

Vortex indicator can tell you the trend direction the indicator gives you a measure of trend strength the crossover of the lines can give buy signals and sell signals lets utilize a basic strategy using price action trading and simple trend lines.

What is the vortex indicator? The vortex indicator is a relatively complex indicator that is not very common among retail traders. The indicator has two lines (oscillators) that capture positive and negative trend movements in the market.

  the vortex indicator is a trend reversal indicator which can be used as a reversal signal. It indicates trends and trend reversals by plotting two lines an uptrend line (vi) and a downtrend line (vi-). Trend reversal signals can be confirmed based on how these two lines interact.

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Vortex trend indicator

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