Supply zone stocks

Supply zone stocks

This would be best described by a chart in the image above you see the german stock market dax.

Demand and supply trading supply zone at supply zone, sellers are dominated to sell & buyers are weak.

In the chart above you can see a demand zone (broad support level) and a supply zone (broad area of resistance). What we want to find at the price zones where supply overwhelms demand and where demand overwhelms supply.

  a supply zone is a price level where current holders of a market are located and are willing sellers when price reaches that area. A demand zone is a price level where traders and investors on the sidelines are willing to step in and buy when prices get that low.

  what does trading supply and demand zones imply? Supply and demand zones are at the heart of supply and demand trading. These zones are areas that show liquidity at a specific price. The supply zone is also called the distribution zone, while the demand zone is called the accumulation zone.

Supply zones can be located by looking for a swift drop away from either a single candle or small consolidation structure is commonly known as a base.

Lots of candle wicks and strong back and forth often cancel a supply zone for future trades. The narrower a supplydemand zone before a strong breakout is, the better the chances for a good reaction the next time typically.

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Supply zone stocks

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