Relative vigor index stockcharts

Relative vigor index stockcharts

  the relative vigor index (rvi) is a technical momentum indicator. The rvi oscillates across a pre-determined center line rather than a banded trend.

The relative vigor index (rvi or rvgi) is a technical indicator, which anticipates changes in market trends. Many day traders consider the rvi a first cousin of the stochastic oscillator due to the similarities in their formulas (both use the open, close, high and low of each candlestick).

The main point of relative vigor index technical indicator (rvi) is that on the bull market the closing price is, as a rule, higher, than the opening price. So the idea behind relative vigor index is that the vigor, or energy, of the move is thus established by where the prices end up at the close.

  relative vigor index (rvi) is a momentum indicator that, in contrast to standard momentum indicators, does not only compare the close price difference of a certain period, but rather relates the range between lows and highs as well as opening and closing prices.

Relative vigor index - rvi ----- an indicator used in technical analysis that measures the conviction of a recent price action and the likelihood that it will continue. The rvi compares the positioning of a securitys closing price relative to its price range, and the result is smoothed by calculating an exponential moving average of the values.

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  our custom developed forex donchian channel stockcharts indicator. Donchian channels are three lines generated by moving average calculations that comprise an indicator formed by upper and lower bands around a mid-range or median band.

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Relative vigor index stockcharts

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