Orange porsche pill report

Orange porsche pill report

  of 52 mdma seized samples analysed, dose per capsuletablet ranged from approximately 20mg to 200mg. The average dose of mdma in the yellowgreen spongebob tablets analysed was approximately 200mg, and the average dose in the blue tesla tablets analysed was approximately 130mg. Mdma is likely to be incompletely mixed and inconsistently distributed through these tablets.

An official warning is yet to be issues but we strongly urge users who havent purchased a reagent test kit to obtain one or have your pill tested in a reagent testing centre prior to consumption. The reports that have raised alerts can be found via the following links. Seizures have been reported from the gold token pills in the first link.

  we have launched the official pill reports store! Pill warning nsw, aus december 2019 pill testing bill to be introduced to victorian parliament n-ethylpentylone in montreal, canada new zealand - dangerous drug n-ethylpentylone sold as ecstasy nb pentylone and n-ethyl-pentylone turning up in more pills official facebook page for pill reports.

Although unadulterated mdma capsules have been common in eastern canada since 2017, pure n-ethylpentylone (also called ephylone, or bk-ebdp) has lately made its way into the streets of montreal and was reported to be sold as mdma in capsule form.

Orange, shaped like the rolex crown logo with five-pointed crown stamped on it.

  drug safety non-profit organisation the loop has warned that the orange tesla pill contains a high mdma content of 240mg of mdma per pill. The tablets are orange in colour with the tesla motors shield logo on the front.

Bromazolam 1 may 04, 2021 may 04, 2021 gloucester, ma drugsdata (ecstasydata) yellow pill. Sold as xanax (alprazolam) etizolam 1 may 04, 2021 may 04, 2021 gloucester, ma drugsdata (ecstasydata) fentanyl.

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Orange porsche pill report

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