Novartis 401k match

Novartis 401k match

Employer verified available to us-based employees ( change location) this is the employers chance to tell you why you should work for them.

  novartis is delighted to be included in bcgs top 50 most innovative companies. We believe ground-breaking solutions can be found at the intersection of medical science and digital innovation and we are evolving our culture to enable such innovation.

Matching gift program through the novartis us foundation, which provides up to 5,000 per year to eligible institutions and organizations to help employees manage their valuable time, novartis also provides convenient on-site services, including fitness centers, cafeterias, take-home meals, medical services, lactation rooms, federal credit union, atm, company store, dry cleaning and film developing.

I did not opt for 401k plan while interning at novartis east hanover campus in new jersey.

  even though the base salary is not quite competitive, the total package is. They offer 6 months of maternity leave, 401 k with company match and an additional deferred plan based on your age. If you are at the associate director level or above, you get restricted stock options.

Mainly supports statistical programming of statistical analysis plan (sap)-planned tables, data listings, and graphs for csrs, as well as integrated summaries of safety and efficacy, ad hoc analyses and electronic submission deliverables, such as datasets, data documentation, programs, programming table of contents, and patient profiles.

  - company benefits are great- 401k matching, pension plan, personal holidays, vacation, sick days, decent medical insurance, sign-on package, educationhealthy life style reimbursements, etc. - company emphasizes teamwork, open learning mind set, and personal growth - company invests so much for the well-being of their employees.

Great benefits especially 401k match, decent pay cons very unstable, constant (monthly) smaller layoffs due to elimination of positions and offshoring, high amount of office politics.

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Novartis 401k match

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