Mt4 scroll 2 windows

Mt4 scroll 2 windows

Once i downloaded an ea from here which allowed me to attach it to multiple charts. If i scrolled through time in one of the windows the other charts would mirror those movements.

Scrolling left and right through the chart is done with the cursor keys of the keyboard, the mouse scroll wheel or simply by dragging the chart with the mouse. Charts can be also shifted step by step with f12 (scrolls by one bar to the left) and shiftf12 (scrolls by one bar to the right).

Altw call the chart managing window altf4 close the client terminal altbackspace or ctrlz undo object deletion ctrla arrange all indicator windows heights by default ctrlb call the objects list window ctrlc or ctrlinsert copy to the clipboard ctrle enabledisable expert advisor ctrlf enable crosshair.

In order to install this forex tool on your mt4, you need to 1. Click on download button above to download multiple mt4 charts tool 2.

You can also enable this from the mt4 toolbar or via the top menu charts chart shift. Chart autoscroll the chart automatically scrolls to the left as new data comes in. This can also be changed via the toolbar buttons or via the top menu charts auto scroll.

  ctrlf9 open the terminal trade window and switch the focus into it. After this, the trading activities can be managed with keyboard. Other mt4 shortcuts, hotkeys andor combinations left arrow chart scrolling to the left.

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Mt4 scroll 2 windows

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