Metaquotes id mt4 iphone

Metaquotes id mt4 iphone

  cant find metaquotes 4 id at iphone 5&6 mt4 no messages option found under settings tab? Moderator 2315.

  android and ios powered devices offer us many features we do not even know about. One of these features is push notifications allowing us to receive personal messages, regardless of our phone number or mobile network operator. Metatrader mobile terminal already can receive such messages right from your trading robot.

After setting up the options, enter one or more metaquotes ids, separated by commas. You can specify up to 4 metaquotes ids the notifications will be sent to all of the devices simultaneously. To find your metaquotes id, open your mobile terminal and go to settings - messages.

  i believe it is set up when you download the app onto the phone, and chose the account. The desktop version of metatrader will first have to be set up for notification.

  now, the same functionality is available for metatrader 4 iphone mobile terminal users. Implementation of metaquotes id (a unique and randomly generated identifier) ensures that this type of messaging is secure and prevents spam. Each user receives metaquotes id when installing the mobile version of the terminal.

  how to setup mt4 smart phone notifications download the metatrader app to your device open the metatrader app, tap settings, grab the metaquotes id go to your desktop install of metatrader, click file-options.

  the metaquotes id is a unique code assigned to your device. On your mobile device, download and open metatrader 4 mobile. You will see metaquotes id and an 8-character code as shown below. Step 2 enter your metaquotes id in the client terminal settings.

  to find your metaquotes id, open the messages page in the mobile version of the platform. Community in order to stay updated of the latest events occurring on mql5. Community, you can choose to receive notifications about updates on the site through the settings notifications section of your profile.

  for more information about meplease visit websitehttpkouleefx.

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Metaquotes id mt4 iphone

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