Mass effect 2 energy drain

Mass effect 2 energy drain

1 sp skill ranks 2 mp skill ranks 3 jaal ama darav skill ranks 4 player notes 5 availability note rank 6 is unavailable to jaal until his loyalty mission jaal ama darav flesh and blood is completed.

Rank 2 rank 3 heavy energy drain area drain recharge time (shepard) 6.

Energy drain is a power that belongs to tech powers and is available to talizorah vas neema and commander shepard regardless his or her class.

Energy drain is much better than barrier, geth shield boost, or fortification, because not only does it deal damage but it also increases your own barriers, so you get damage and increased survivability.

Shows how energy drain is superior to reave on blue shield enemies.

When in combat, omni-tools can be programmed to sap kinetic barriers from an opponent to replenish the shields of the user. Developed by the quarians during the geth war, energy drain has seen widespread use since being released onto the open market.

On insanity i would recommend energy drain and ignore overload. Its better because energy drain helps you keep tech armor up. You loose cryo blast, but you already have throw and you dont need more cc on insanity. Another good choice would be an ammo power like armor piercing.

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Mass effect 2 energy drain

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