Mafia 3 burke ending

Mafia 3 burke ending

These are all the character fates and possible endings for mafia iii.

  this may be considered the good ending of mafia 3 - lincoln decides not to pursue life as a career criminal after avenging his familys death, and leaves new bordeaux to travel america.

Lincoln can leave the town, rule by himself or continue to work with his underbosses. The choice has to be made after you finish the last mission kill sal marcano. Attention - after you see the ending youve chosen (plus end credits) you will get back to the main menu.

  burkes ending with clay gone, the irish step into the role of crime lord of new bordeaux - later renamed bourbon city after burke buys his way onto the city council.

  mafia 3 leave town ending after youve talked to leo galante, youll have to go speak with donovan and father james. After that, youll get an objective telling you to take the throne or leave town. Following the one that leads through frisco fields will lead out of town.

Once you reach the destination, go to the back of the bar and you will meet burke. In order to convince burke to join lincoln, you must prove to him that you can drive dangerously.

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Mafia 3 burke ending

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