H1z1 useroptions fps

H1z1 useroptions fps

  h1z1 fps tutorial! Over 200 fps!links! User options - httpspastebin.

Heres a breakdown of my balanced useroptions settings for best fps, and still look good! This setting is a true medium setting that allows you to still see all visual effects such as bullet positioning, explosion distance and peoples black outline from closer (makes them easier to target).

Best test server useroptions 20-40 fps to 70-100 fps , top aim! H1z1 kotk. These are the best user option settings in h1z1 king of the kill! The best settings to use in h1z1 kotk are right here, just make sure to watch and follow all of my user options settings in h1z1 kotk.

Comc82sasqffirst person reticle reticleclassicmode1 thanks for watching make sure to check out the links below twitter h.

Go to your h1z1 short cut on your desktop step 2 once the launch pad is up and running onyour desktop,click on the gear box in the bottom laft corner.

  pros userconfigs lyndonfps is a canadian h1z1 player more configs on www.

Ini is in your game directory, it is file that contains all your game options. Finding useroptions open steam, right click on h1z1, go to properties local files browse local files.

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H1z1 useroptions fps

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