Further studies after bsc biotechnology

Further studies after bsc biotechnology

Sc in biotechnology the aspirants those who wish to pursue a higher degree in the field of biotechnology should posses a graduate degree in biotechnology, biochemistry or microbiology.

There are many courses that are available for students to choose from. Some of the courses that are presented for students to go for after the completion of their graduate studies are master of technology in biotechnology.

  clinical research gives you knowledge about what is ich-gcp guidelines, gmpglp, invention of drug molecule, how to get approval for molecule & to conduct a trial, toxicity study, animal trials, documents required to conduct study, how to design trial like singledouble blindopen labelled study, case-controlcohort study, phase i to phase iv trials which are firstly carried out on small number of patient, then to healthy volunteers, what are adverse reactions coming after.

Sc, there are various courses after bsc, they can enroll in a postgraduate level degree program in their respective field or subject. They can also take up non-science programs in domains like journalism, animation, management, and hospitality specializations, among other things.

  ans there are various options available after you have completed your b. Masters can be done in various discipline some of them are listed below, you can select either as per your interest.

  option 1 pursue higher studies in biotech and life sciences if youre interested in furthering your studies and becoming a noble person in the academe someday, this is where you should go. Clear the csir net gate exam, and immerse yourself in various opportunities in line with biotech such as a phd in biotech or masters degree (ms) in technology.

Biotechnology graduates are in huge demands in government and private sector as well. After completing your graduation you can go for jobs or masters programme, its upto you. One may go for msc biotechnology or management programme according to.

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Further studies after bsc biotechnology

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