Etrade roth ira fees

Etrade roth ira fees

This fee applies when you change a contribution (that youve already made) from a roth ira to a traditional ira (or vice versa). 25 all fees will be waived if combined etrade securities account balances total over 100,000 or you have placed 30 or more trades in the last quarter.

Etrade ira setup fee 0 etrade annual ira fee 0 etrade ira termination fee 0 etrade account maintenance fee 0 etrade account inactivity fee 0 etrade outbound full account transfer (acat) fee 60 etrade outbound partial account transfer fee 25.

Etrade ira fees and minimums etrade iras have no account minimums, no inactivity fees, and no annual fees. The broker has a 500 minimum to open a standard brokerage account, but has no minimum for an ira. There is a 25 fee for early withdrawals (those before age 59), including withdrawals the irs allows with no penalty.

Futures trading in iras available in eligible traditional, rollover, and roth iras only, subject to certain accountholder eligibility requirements and minimum account qualifications.

  etrade offers no annual fees or minimum fees on roth ira accounts. They do charge commissions fees for trading stocks and etfs with their trading platform stocks, options & etfs 9.

Although iras at etrade have no regular fees, there are several events that will trigger one-time charges.

The most common recommendations here are vanguard, fidelity and charles schwab because they have a broad selection of index based funds with no loading or transaction fees. Etrade does have some mutual funds and etfs you can buy without paying a fee but they dont seem as good as the options available at the 3 brokerages i already mentioned.

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Etrade roth ira fees

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