Caisse populaire gic rates

Caisse populaire gic rates

Interest is calculated daily and is paid at maturity for terms of one year or less or annually for terms exceeding one year. A regular gic is used to set aside funds for any purpose or to earn a higher rate of return on your savings.

75 (fixed and guaranteed until maturity) interest is paid at your choice of frequency.

  fixed-rate term savingsalso known as fixed-rate gics (guaranteed investment certificates)are the only savings products that guarantee your capital and your interest returns. No matter how the markets perform, you can know from day one exactly what your final returns will be.

  long-term gic rates tfsa gic rates usd gic rates registered gic rates redeemable gic rates non-redeemable gic rates gic rate terms. 30 day gic rates 60 day gic rates 90 day gic rates 120 day gic rates 180 day gic rates 270 day gic rates long-term.

  have a look at the interest rates and returns on our loans, lines of credit, credit cards, foreign currencies, and savings and investment products.

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Caisse populaire gic rates

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